by athens7 as Jack (font: Courier New)
and mazaher as Patrick (font: Verdana)


2. Separation


Patrick leaves (Jack’s POV)

His slender hand grips my shoulder, one single time, and then lets go. And I feel like he has just pushed me down a cliff, or left me sinking in a lake without bottom nor border.
He’s looking at me, his pupils reduced to pins so that everything is swallowed in blinding blue, and I feel – like a shiver I feel – that all he sees is his mother, dying because of a man who cared only about himself and his higher plans – pointing her noble, unforgiving finger at him – accusing him of daring to be free, if only for a moment.
He must think he has violated me somehow, me and the equilibrium he fought so hard to achieve in my presence.
So he touches my cheek, and before I can say anything to stop him, to correct his skewed assumptions, he leaves, taking his ghosts with him, the rustle of his clothes an ominous sound in the stillness of this unending night.
All that is left to me is wondering if I will ever see him again.


Patrick leaves, Patrick goes to Jack,


Patrick leaves, Jack goes to Patrick