:: Mā'an zahrah
aqua auranti florae
orange-bloom water
:: eau de fleur d'oranger
:: πορτοκάλου α̉νθόνερος
acqua di fior d'arancio


Dec 32nd, 2999


master list

of all works posted by mazaher, 1982<
Some of my fanfiction was also cross-posted in the relevant communities; however, this website is the only complete and updated archive for all original and derivative literary works, as well as for all attempts at artistic expression in forms other than literary, which are linked to in the last section of this page.
Unless otherwise stated, the entries are listed in reverse chronological order of publication (most recent on top in each section).

general note 1: languages

The languages used here are for the most part English and Italian, with some French, Latin and ancient Greek here and there.
Italian prevails in the original works, English in the fanfiction.
Titles and texts are not necessarily in the same language. 

general note 2: ratings, warnings, spoilers

I confess that, contrary to current trends, I remain unconvinced of the necessity for ratings and warnings (for contents or for spoilers). I have triggers of my own, I take good care of myself when I read, and I never read warnings.
Reader, be warned once and for all: this site may contain spoilers, and it most definitely contains
material fit for adults only, on a number of different accounts.
If you are not of legal age in your country, please find something else to read until you turn that age, and are officially able to take care of your own choices.
Hopefully, this stuff will still be here by then.


:: :: :: comments and discussion will be very welcome at: me@mazaher.org



:: collaboration: Jack & Patrick, 2011< -- a series co-written with athens7, the author of the characters and of all the drawings. Also posted on athens7's LJ at http://athens7.livejournal.com
The pieces in the series are listed here in the correct chronological order in the series, which may not coincide with the order in which they were written.
As a safety against continuity problems, I am compiling this tentative timeline; it will be updated in view of future stories in the series, and it may undergo significant changes, as nothing is set in stone.

foreword, 2011 -- to be read before the stories
ouverture, 2011
weaving, 2012
tidbits, 2012
courtship by quotes, 2012 by athens7
"how pure, how dear their dwelling place", 2013 by athens7 and mazaher
slæmur endir (bad ending), 2011
the wait, 2011

diverging courses, 2011: 1. Jack -- 2. Patrick
colliding, 2011: 1. Jack -- 2. Patrick
ætis byrjun (good beginning) by athens7 at http://athens7.livejournal.com/7444.html
the trickster, 2012 by athens7 at http://athens7.livejournal.com/15410.html
, 2011: master list of bifurcations in the plotline -- single sequential file, alternating povs

close encounter, 2011: 1. devotion -- 2. faith -- 3. the morning after
sleeping, 2011
bloodshed, 2011
catharsis, 2011: 1. Patrick -- 2. Jack

march, late evening, 2015
prints at an exhibition: Hokusaï, 2011
there, now and in-between, 2013 -- drawings by athens7, story by mazaher
tempus transit gelidum, 2012
magic soaking my spine, 2011 and its companion piece by athens7: carving your name in graphite, 2011 (see also Genesis, 28:10-19)
patterns, 2013
a correspondence, 2014
a matter of height, 2012
29, 2012
a matter of height, 2012, by mazaher and athens7
mudita, 2012 and coda: carpe diem, 2012 by mazaher -- ripples, 2012 by athens7
fairytales don't always have happy endings, 2012 -- drawings by athens7, story by mazaher
there is a light that never goes out, 2016, by athens7 and mazaher
an evening in, 2014, by mazaher and athens7
a meeting, 2014
blessed be
, 2011: 1. winter -- 2. summer
moonlight, 2014
frozen in time, 2011

:: comment poems/reflections/stories, 2010< -- with thanks to those who wrote.

fifi, 2015 -- after the animated .gif compiled by une gif dans ta gueule at: http://un-gif-dans-ta-gueule.tumblr.com/ from the documentary Les sang des bêtes by Georges Franju (1949), at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnZHDrXRrdc
dreaming in the sunlight, 2013 -- after Always the bridesmaid, by irisbleufic, in the Crown of Thorns series, at: http://irisbleufic.livejournal.com/365009.html
my skin, 2011 -- after
Human for a while by fengirl88, at http://archiveofourown.org/works/225038
the surgeon, 2011 -- after It Will Be Now by irisbleufic, posted on July 25th, 2011 at http://irisbleufic.livejournal.com/304058.html. Eternal gratitude to irisbleufic, whose Hamlet fiction convincingly (gloriously) makes the point that both Hamlet and Horatio may be harder to kill than Shakespeare let on.
opening/shattering/dissolving, 2011 -- inspired by part 4 and interlude of Don't stop believing by kianspo, at http://kianspo.livejournal.com/11407.html
blessed are, 2011 -- inspired by the story The Gift of the Magi by anon-j-anon, at http://anon-j-anon.livejournal.com/149873.html (forget) and http://anon-j-anon.livejournal.com/150031 (remember)
Ish, or, The One Who Stood Alone, 2011 -- inspired by artwork
by elandrialore (http://elandrialore.livejournal.com), who graciously allowed me to post it within the .pdf document; link to full-size image at http://i997.photobucket.com/albums/af91/efic12/ZQAngel.jpg
parentheses, 2010 -- inspired by
(( )) by anon-j-anon, at http://anon-j-anon.livejournal.com/146755.html
writing part 2, 2010 -- inspired by part 2 by anon-j-anon, at http://anon-j-anon.livejournal.com/146438.html

:: new stuff, 2010< -- will be posted as it comes.

after Yeats, 2024
while i wait, 2019-21
what if i heard, 2019
quando eravamo giovani, 2019
tempo, 2019
stella nera, 2019
sette spighe, 2018
sole di primavera, 2017
la grande pioggia, 2016
persephone, 2016

springtime again, 2016
raven, 2015

urbs, 2015
entrando lieve in quella buona notte, 2015
paradoxa, 2014
esercizi di stile: stagioni, 2014
settembre, 2014
ci voleva la rivoluzione, 2014
ghostly conversation in a historical garden, Derbyshire, early June, 2014
poesia fossile, 2014
e ora non so come le parole, 2013
rip and tie. the last funeral, 2013
here i am, 2013
god's sitting-room, 2013

in grecia, in qualche secolo, 2013
fantasmi, 2013 / ghosts, 2013
a catalogue of roses, 2013
(...), 2013
bungee walking, 2012

il viaggio, 2012
carronade of rhu, 2012
idle, 2012
march 21st, 2012, 2012
the circumstances of existing, 2012

il giudizio -- the judgement, 2011
inreparabile tempus, English version, 2009-2011
for j.i.k., who will not read, 2011
inizi, 2011
trionfo della morte : 1 / trionfo della morte : 2, 2011
di draghi e di uccelli, 2011
, 2011
a season with the Bees, 2011
neve, 2011
dreaming of Kkunn by the new moon, 2011
fall(ing), 2010
next, 2010
writing part 2, 2010
Saturn Magic, 2010   

:: later stuff, 2001-2010 -- never posted before.

poems and stories, 2001-2010
avventura bibliografica (incompiuta), by mazaher & Cosimo Piovasco dei Rondò, 2001-2002

:: old stuff, 1982-2001 -- stuff written until 1996 formerly published at the now extinct Sabbie sensibili website; later stuff published here for the first time; early, less-than-presentable attempts are included because I don’t aim at disguising where I come from in my writing.

poems and stories, 2001
poems and stories, 2000
poems and stories, 1999
poems and stories, 1998
poems and stories, 1997
poems and stories, 1996
poems and stories, 1995
poems and stories, 1994
poems and stories, 1993
poems and stories, 1991
poems and stories, 1989
poems and stories, 1988
poems and stories, 1987
poems and stories, 1986
poems and stories, 1985
poems and stories, 1984
poems and stories, 1983
poems and stories, 1982


fanfiction -- mostly in prose; listed by fandom, in reverse chronological order.

fanfiction note 1

I have the utmost respect for the moral rights of authorship, i.e. the right to be recognized as the author of one’s work of art or literature or of one’s research, and to the integrity of the work as such.
Also, I don’t see any reason why those rights should be treated any differently when they pertain to literary or artistic rather than scientific works.
Therefore, just as I do when writing a scientific essay, my sources are scrupolously quoted for each fandom heading as well as in each of my stories.
The ideas those sources gave me, as well as their treatment in writing, are mine.
My hope that I would get said ideas is the reason why I paid money to purchase the books / movie DVDs / music CDs.
I hope my writings (which can best be defined as critical reviews, taking the form of stories or poems) will induce more people to do the same, and enjoy first-hand the originals about which I write.

Credits are given according to entries in the following sources and catalogues:

BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00t4pgh
LOC: Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of the US Library Of Congress
COPAC: a Mimas OPAC service based at the University of Manchester
OPALE: OPAC of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Wikipedia: public online encyclopaedia, English section
IMDB: Internet Movie Database

fanfiction note 2

Here be spoilers. Obviously.

fanfiction note 3

For the reasons I already explained, I issue here once and for all this one warning: while for the most part these writings are bland enough, there is occasional mention or description of graphic violence, major or minor character death, sexual acts between and among persons of different as well as of the same sex or species, and with persons who would be considered underage today (although not at the time the stories take place).
In some instances, I have kept the warnings and/or ratings I had given in former posts on LJ, ksarchive and elsewhere. In some cases I have not.
Do not read if you are legally underage in your country; your self-restraint will demonstrate your maturity, and so help support the eventual abolition of censorship. Until that happens, just wait those few years out and come back later.
Also, do not read (at any age) if you feel you could be squicked / angered / shocked / triggered by any of the above contents. If you do go ahead, keep in mind that I do not enjoy hate. I write about love.


:: Doctor Who, 2012< -- click here for credits

very complicated, 2013
the witness. being a rather absent-minded and philosophically eclectic defence of the Tenth Doctor, 2012 -- for athens7
adjectives, 2012 -- again for athens7


:: BBC Sherlock, 2011< -- click here for credits (BBC) -- some stories also posted at http://bbcsherlock.livejournal.com/

series: the five doors of perception
1. scent, 2011
2. touch, 2011
3. sight, 2011
4. hearing, 2011
5. taste, 2012 (which is also, coincidentally, a 221B)

221B stories -- short stories of 221 words, the last one beginning with a "B".
crack-shot, 2013

lovemaking in the morning, 2012
a woman's touch, 2012
splicing, knitting, and service packs: some meta, with a 221B for free, 2012
shanghai, straightaway, 2012 -- a pair of 221Bs, after the fall, for j.i.k.
-- sequel to intersections, co-written with Jns
for it is death to souls to become water, 2012 -- about The Reichenbach Fall (be warned); companion to 39 seconds
39 seconds, 2012 -- about The Reichenbach Fall (be warned); companion to for it is death to souls to become water
you ain't nothing, 2012 -- after rewatching The Hounds of Baskerville

doubts, 2012 -- in the Two Two One Bravo Baker universe by abundantlyqueer at http://archiveofourown.org/works/180121 (now a fandom of its own)
blood, 2011
a gentleman's priorities on the battlefield, 2011 -- dedicated to E.

proxemics, 2011 -- for irisbleufic, for luck
breathless, 2011
the proposal, 2011

hold-love-hold, 2020
hold me, 2012
désir, 2013

prayers, 2012
laundry snogging, 2011; laundry snogging in late spring, 2012

shadowplay, 2011
the state of the question
, 2011

repent, 2017
six ways sherlock and john didn't reunite and the one fucked up way that they did, 2014-2016 -- co-written with jns and ames
the changing shape of clouds, 2013

home is where the heart is, but hearts change, 2013
G.A.B.O.S., 2013
a note of thanks, 2013

scripts, 2013 -- blitzfic co-written with athens7
jukebox, 2013 -- a match of tennisfic, co-written with athens7 whose idea it was in the first place
where she belongs, 2013 -- one of a pair with where we belong (canon!SH), written in answer to tweedisgood's challenge to the Granada Rewatch Club
weird, 2012
in silence, speaking, 2012
second wind, 2012
one night in London, 2012

nekyia, 2012 -- companion pieces: nostos, 2012 and a technical matter, 2012
some things change, some things don't, 2012 -- part 1 -- part 2
injured, 2012 -- with prompted ending: mycroft
l'ape millenaria (the millennial bee), 2012 -- co-written with Jns
intersections, 2012 -- co-written with Jns; prequel to the double-221B shanghai, straightaway
(al)chemical, 2012 -- now rewritten with Jns
261 words to say goodbye, 2012
the return of Hyakutake, 2012
the empty time, 2012

dream, 2012
hair, 2012
a spell against fear, 2012 -- a partial rewrite of 6'59" in The Hounds of Baskerville

bonsai, 2012
ears, 2012
his best, 2011
in the fog, or, of cabbages and kings, 2011
song of innocence and experience, 2011
come away with me, 2011
what people do, 2011
planting an orchard on difficult soil, 2011
story-telling by night, 2011
deduction in F-sharp minor, 2011
to stop a bandersnatch, 2011 and attached fanpic: the state of the question
the sixth Euclid’s theorem, or, love from all angles, 2011
game over
, 2011

xenia, or, of borage, 2011 -- for irisbleufic: she knows why =)
of bees, and needles, and scalpels, and ghosts, 2011 and coda: heap earth upon it, 2011
and coda: the failure of binary code, 2011

crossroads of fate in North London, 2011
stable mates, 2011
on the demise of a perfectly good pair of gloves, and other items of clothing, 2011
-- update, July 13, 2011: jiangivy has now provided a Chinese translation! you can read it here (registered users only)

-- additional update, July 26, 2011: I have translated the story for a friend into Italian, here
trust issues, 2011


series 4:
T6T, or wy I don’t like how John is developing as a character and why I like Sherlock more and more instead, 2016

series 3:
season three, or why Sherlock breaks my heart, with observations on fennishjournal’s meta and five digressions, 2014

series 1&2:

The BBC Rewatch series
meta: BBC Sherlock , series 1, episode 1, A Study in Pink (ASiP), 2013
meta: BBC Sherlock, series 1, episode 2, The Blind Banker (TBB), 2013
meta: BBC Sherlock, series 1, episode 3, The Great Game (TGG), 2013

ten tentative points about BBC Sherlock Holmes, 2013
ten tentative points about BBC
John Watson, 2013


:: Canon Sherlock, 2011< -- by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle -- some stories also posted at http://bbcsherlock.livejournal.com/

see also the crossover with the Jack&Patrick stories:
mudita, 2012 and coda: carpe diem, 2012 by mazaher -- ripples, 2012 by athens7

sherlock holmes proposes a toast, 2014
bitter honey, 2013
moving .gif of the detective as a young man, 2013
of hearts broken, hearts mended and hearts forgiven. a springtime dawn chorus, 2013
where we belong, 2013 -- one of a pair with where she belongs (BBC-SH), written in answer to tweedisgood's challenge to the Granada Rewatch Club

the untold cases: a list, 2012

221B stories -- short stories of 221 words, the last one beginning with a "B".
with the season's greetings, 2012
a most precious gift, 2012

the house is not empty anymore, 2012
the quiet and the whirlwind, 2011

a nice dip, 2024
conversation in the fog, 2019
of chairs and bees, 2016
he used to sit with me, 2016
winter stakeout, 2015

what the bees know, page one & page two, 2014, a companion picture-fic to tweedisgood's fic Expert witness posted on her LJ; both sprang from a line Holmes speaks about his bees in Bert Coules' adaptation of The Lion's Mane: "Sometimes I am convinced that they are learning far more about me than I am about them" and by a Listenalong comment thread on it.
the mystery of the mummy, 2011


:: Heroes, 2011< -- click here for credits (Wikipedia)

bad mother, 2011
fanmail, 2011 -- I'm not sure where to list this, as it is RPF, but it's about ZQ so I guess it can stay here.
lessons for Gabriel Gray, 2011


:: CSI Las Vegas, 2010< -- click here for Wikipedia entry

the bees know, 2011
i saved myself, 2010


:: Star Trek XI, 2009< -- click here for credits (LOC)

fanpic: the cadet, 2011

the why series -- also posted at http://ksarchive.com and http://community.livejournal.com/kirkspock/:
you don't get angry at strangers
, 2011
a good reason to break regulations, 2011
alternative uses for apples, 2011

the cuddling series -- also posted at http://ksarchive.com:
but, Jim...
, 2011 -- in which Spock cuddles Kirk
how hard is forgiveness, 2011 -- in which Kirk cuddles Spock
the cure for headache, 2011 -- in which Kirk and Spock cuddle Bones

series: senses, 2010, by athens7 as Capt. J.T. Kirk and mazaher as Cdr. Spock
also posted on athens7's LJ at http://athens7.livejournal.com and archived at: -- http://ksarchive.com -- http://community.livejournal.com/kirkspock/ -- http://community.livejournal.com/newtrekslash/
watch the vid Kirk/Spock || Pieces by Darlapr0duction! -- download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X33CD6FP (sorry, it's now broken: mail me and I'll send the file)

series: three equal sides, 2010 -- also posted at http://ksarchive.com

now that his world is lost, <2020
one winter, three months, 2011 -- also posted at http://ksarchive.com and http://community.livejournal.com/kirkspock/
the other one-shots, 2009-2010


:: Star Trek TOS (and movies), 2009< -- click here for TOS credits (COPAC), here for movies I-VI credits (LOC), and here for ST:Generations credits (LOC)

series: two lives, two deaths, 2009-2010 -- also posted at http://ksarchive.com
watch the vid of the jujube tree surrounded by the buzzing of bees, mentioned in "Waiting", page 9

day of the dead, 2016 -- also posted at http://ksarchive.com

"you are the Sock to my Kick", 2010 -- a bout of momentary insanity
Vulcan-Terran answers to zen questions
, 2009 -- short philosophical meta about raku's "Take it like a man"


:: Brokeback Mountain, 2006< -- click here for credits (LOC) -- also posted at http://brokebackslash.livejournal.com/

what's he thinking?, 2014 -- prompted by morrobay1990

too busted up, 2011
the other one-shots, 2006-2010

series: Potnia Theron, English, 2006 -- Potnia Theron, Italian, 2006


:: others, 1982-2010 -- stuff written until 1996 formerly published at the now extinct Sabbie sensibili website; plus some later stuff, published here for the first time.

Reader, you will notice that in the beginning (1982-1994) I showed a tendency to write what was basically the same h/c story over and over again. Clearly, I had issues (not that now I haven’t...). But those early attempts, however embarrassing they appear from a distance in time, are still at the root of what came later. For this reason I re-post them here.

The Price, by Neil Gaiman, 2021 -- click here for credits (BL)
Third star, 2012 -- click here for Internet Movie Database entry
The Bible, 2005-2010 -- public domain. Additional warning: I do not agree with the Bible. You have been warned. Don’t say you haven’t.

Angel, 2006 -- click here for Wikipedia entry
The file I never wrote, 1998-2006 -- click here for Wikipedia entry and here for movie credits (LOC)
-- i.e. the infamous file which will remain incognito, but whose acronym is one letter short of UBR, and means “speculative writing about *those* who must not be named”. *Those* being ancient bloodsucking creatures.
Anabasis, 1996 -- public domain
Iliad, 2014 -- public domain

Odissea, 1996 -- public domain
Dead man, 1996 -- click here for credits (LOC)
Silent Tongue, 1996 -- click here for credits (LOC)
Il nome della rosa, 1996 -- click here for credits (OPALE)
Light sleeper, 1996 -- click here for credits (LOC)
The usual suspects, 1996 -- click here for credits (LOC)
My own private Idaho, 1995 -- click here for credits (LOC)
Waterworld, 1995 -- click here for credits (LOC)
Hunt for Red October, 1995. -- click here for credits (LOC)
A perfect world, 1994 -- click here for movie credits (LOC) and here for novelization (COPAC)
Furyo, 1983 -- click here for movie credits (COPAC) and here for the original story (COPAC)
The man who fell to Earth, 1982 -- click here for credits (LOC)


wisdom ...and not
quotes, manips and other stuff, either funny, or thought-provoking, or both (more probably coming)

dizionario, <2021
heroic scene from the Bayeux tapestry, 2021
mother, 2, 2021
mother, 1, 2021
cattle thoughts, 2021
i dieci grandi fatti della vita, 2014
giustiziano: biografia, 2014

wisdom, not own (trial version), 2012
wisdom, own (trial version), 2012
comunità religiosa di santa tegerrima del quasi-soccorso, 2011
le parole anfotere, 2000-2007

wisdom, not own, 2012-19 -- 2020/a -- 2020/b -- 2020/c -- 2021/a -- 2021/b -- 2022/a -- 2022/b -- 2023/a -- 2023/b -- 2023/c


about literature, art, movies, copyright...

intuition, logic, Popper, and BBC Sherlock, 2011
fanfiction, slash, and I. An attempt at self-meta, 2011
a plea for footnotes in fanfiction, 2011
the origins of slash, 2011. Being nothing less than a concise discussion of Schiller's Don Carlos, K/S, J&P, vertebrate biology and xenobiology, and shifting perceptions of sex in Western culture.

very old stuff:
terapia sciamanica
edipo, amleto e altri
james hillman (and various bugs)
oracoli e segni
peter greenaway and the ethics of perception
vademecum minimo di astrologia
the infamous VCS essays


books I read and appreciate, books I would like to read, books I own, books imagined, books lost...

Caliban's concise bibliography: helpful to whomever wants to try and make head or tails of the world, or, Bibliografia essenziale (secondo Caliban) per stare al mondo e capirci qualcosa, <2012
Arcana & Curiosa: my personal library, <2012
Equestrian books: my personal library, <2012
Classics of horsemanship: a medieval and modern bibliography, <2012
Inventario di una biblioteca immaginata, <2012 -- tomo I -- tomo II



my library of fanfiction:
VCS specs (speculative writings) -- updated August 2, 2010
ST fics -- updated April 30, 2015
MBK (no, sorry!) BBM fics -- updated April 30, 2015

my bookmarks: bookmarks_2015-04-20 -- updated at irregular intervals


photographs, vids and art
When I can't write, I shut myself up with salvaged wood, paint and a drill, and this sort of stuff tends to happen:

forecast for the year, 2016
stopping by the woods on a snowy evening, 2016
eyes, 2014
old stuff from the lower cretacean, 2014
the one who wasn't there, 2014
i remember, 2014
peaceful, 2014
sanata vulnerat, 2014
the ages of her, 2014
light&shade, 2014
i caught a rainbow, vid / still, 2013
i am the one, 2013
it never rains, Stardate 2013:07:05:2127
swarming, 2013
evillive, 2009

update, June 2014 -- I am now posting photos and vids of my place, of the plants growing, and of the bees I used to host, at this tumblr page: mazaherstuff.tumblr.com


copyright: mazaher, 2010-2020